Ceramic Basin

Basins are popular in many hotels, restaurants, and homes. These accessories are guaranteed to have increased lifespan and a long-lasting gloss because they are made using premium raw materials. Basins are offered in various colours and sizes.

Vitrosa Set

Vitrosa sets are built from a tough, impermeable polymer and are a fantastic option for kitchen and bathroom applications. These can easily match any décor because they come in a number of colours and styles. Vitrosa sets are mostly known as for their high durability and stain resistance.

Pedestal Basin

Pedestal basins are favoured for their sophisticated designs and simple installation. These basins' precise dimensions are attributed to their experienced designers. Depending on the needs of the customers, they are offered in a variety of customizable designs.

Printed Basin

Printed basins save extra space in your bathrooms. These are highly trendy and elegant. The said products are built of high-quality ceramic materials and modern equipment. Printed basins are simple to maintain and clean.

Water Closet

Water closets are made using better raw materials, are guaranteed to last longer and be scratch-resistant. They are offered in a variety of sizes and designs to meet the needs of the customers. Water closets are meticulously quality-tested before being sent to ensure better outcomes.

Ceramic Pan

Pans are widely utilised in homes, businesses, and corporate settings. The accuracy of the dimensions and superior polish of these ceramic objects, created by skilled professionals, are guaranteed. Pans ensure increased longevity and scratch resistance.

Ceramic Urinal

Urinals are used for peeing and are generally found in public restrooms. Our products come with a flushing mechanism to automatically clean the bowl after each use. Urinals are an excellent space-saving solution which is perfect for smaller bathrooms.

We are mainly dealing in bulk quantity orders.